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The pages contain info regarding the extreme tracks. My goal is to have a flow number for each track so you can me a judgment on how difficult/easy a track is. There will be a few track that will not have a race time, these few track I found to be very difficult to get similar time on each lap or they were just too difficult to race on. The flow rating for each track requires only a lap time, but I have tried to get a decent fast time that represents a good lap that is I think about the the best time you could do on it in a few 4 lap races ( with no pick ups ). You may be able to do a faster lap time than what I have listed but I cannot race and race a track to get a very fast time. To get a fast lap time I do a set of 8 laps and then use the fastest lap time. In the case of where I have not listed a race then you can surmise that there is a definite issue with that track, but as yet I have not finished racing on all of the tracks.

Also I have noticed that in a few of the tracks I have downloaded there are files called Thumbs.db. This file is created by a Windows OS which is a small database of the picture files. So this may be the reason why the file count is different.

The length for each track was found from the info screen when you select a track and hopefully is accurate. The zip file size is found either from the zip file program, from windows or from the readme file. The times for each track are from racing the track and are recorded in the majority of cases in a picture file. Also I save the reply file for each track. I did this because I night as well and I can then reply the track and recorded and then upload it at a later date to Youtube without having to re-race the track. The battle tag tracks are listed with no length. This is just how I have saved the data in the spreadsheet.

I hope this has answered and questions you may have but feel free to email if you see an error or  want a copy of the reply file or just a query etc.
( I have only reply files for tracks that have a full race time so if one is not listed than there isn't one )

Mountain Climb and Grindagex.
I have now added times for the above tracks, but I have used these cars for them :-
Speedy for Grindagex, RipperII for Mountain Climb

Last_Cuban, Webmaster XTG
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