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New Track : Aspenside by Tryxn
 Track Review :-
 This is a race in a snowy mountain are on a dirt track which leads to a downhill ski run to the end. The first part is several short straights with hair
 pin bends which take you up to the mid-section of the track. The racing is fast and hard particularly for the first half with the downhill section which is
 easy to do. When I first saw the ski gates, I thought you had to observe this ski rules but the poles you can drive through and the gate don`t matter.
 Maybe a good to have this on a longer track. The trees and other objects around the rack are good and I like the log cabins which have a good
 texture on them. Overall a good track but watch how you drive as I got some X`s in the middle section.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Market Mayhem BloodBTF Fast and fun. Very Good!
2nd Rainbow Road of Simplicity 2 Tryxn Narrow and fast.
3rd SBX Alpine Alex_int Just a good fast track!
4th Motor Sports Land Saffron Hard and fast track, a bit narrow!
5th The Great Silence Jan Ainnir Mayen Fast an fun track at night.
6th Tropic Raceway duc Fast and tricky !
7th Horrormas benderfan3124 Syrface grip varies.
8th Any Colour You Like ducsekbence Short and fast track
9th Aspenside Tryxn A snowy track up a hill and down a ski run!
10th Erim Road World (rodik Edit) rodik Many bugs in the track surface
  Track Info    
Track Name Aspenside Timed Race Pic Below
Authors Tryxn Time Trial Pic 0:24.278 minutes
Length 327m
Flow 60.32 %
Track Difficulty 5.40 %
Fast Lap Time 0:23.767 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 3:19.114 minutes
Archive Date 24-Dec-2020
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