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New Track : Battered Mansion 2 by benderfan3124
 Track Review :-
This like the first track is based in a mansion but in this track, you get to go outside and race through the garden. Like the first the mansion sections
 are fine but nothing special. The garden area is a little tricky but not difficult. The graphics are fine with the garden section better than the inside area.
 The racing like the first is fast with a few slow parts. Overall, a decent track and better than the first.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Crystal Cavern Ghoster 1st track from Author and a good one.
2nd Cathedral Keyran Fast race around a garden near a catherdral.
3rd Mexico 1 Tubers and powerate A fast race around Mexico !
4th Battered Mansion 2 benderfan3124 A short race around a mansion and its garden
5th Battered Mansion benderfan3124 A fast  and short race around a mansion
6th Urban Sprint 1 Wichilie A very good track set in a rain storm
7th Ghost Town 4 Chris and Xarc Made from the last GT battle tag level
8th High Rollers BloodBTF Fast and fun.
9th Horrormas 3 benderfan3124 A better version and very tricky.
10th Horrormas 2 benderfan3124 Short, fast with lots of turns.
  Track Info    
Track Name Battered Mansion 2 Timed Race Pic Below
Authors benderfan3124 Time Trial Pic 0:28.345 minutes
Length 420m
Flow 69.31 %
Track Difficulty 7.06 %
Fast Lap Time 0:28.295 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 4:00.351 minutes
Archive Date 2-Mar-2022
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