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New Track : Lava Rock by javildesign
 Track Review :-
 This track is raised above the surroundings much like a LMS arena track so be careful on the turns and when racing with the pick ups on.
The surface is flat and fast with several acute corners and jumps. You need to keep you speed up all the time as it is easy to lose time and not
 notice it. The graphics of the track are good with the lava area and the sides of the raised track making this track what it is. Be careful if you are
a newish racer as this track may be a bit frustrating so take you time and learn how to slow down just a little. Overall, a good fast and fun track.

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  Track Info    
Track Name Lava Rock Timed Race Pic Below
Authors javildesign Time Trial Pic 0:31.419 minutes
Length 527m
Flow 86.04 %
Track Difficulty 1.64 %
Fast Lap Time 0:31.250 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 4:13.589 minutes
Archive Date 10-July-2021
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Track Pic   16 Cars and Pickups
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