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New Track : RV-TV 2 by Keyran
 Track Review :-
Like the first track, this track is longer, and you go up into the office space in the higher levels and then into a garden. Its is over 200m longer
than the first and so has a lap length of around 50secends. It has similar gfx style and has a couple of shortcuts which take about the same
 time. I think this is a better track than the first but not by much Overall, a decent track.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest RV-TV 2 Keyran Fast and tricky track
2nd RV TV 1 Keyran Fast and tricky track
3rd Hospital 2 G_J Excellant track
4th Hospital 1 G_J Excellant track
5th ATV Circuit Paperman Very good dirt kit style track
6th Toys in the Hood 4 Chris Very Good hood style track
7th Jongmyo Shrine Paperman Fast track, a bit easy
8th Crystal Cavern Ghoster 1st track from Author and a good one.
9th Cathedral Keyran Fast race around a garden near a catherdral.
10th Mexico 1 Tubers and powerate A fast race around Mexico !
  Track Info    
Track Name RV-TV 2 Timed Race Pic Below
Authors Keyran Time Trial Pic 0:50.155 minutes
Length 650m
Flow 53.81 %
Track Difficulty 4.35 %
Fast Lap Time 0:50.108 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:56.124 minutes
Archive Date 7-Apr-202
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