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New Track : Special Stage Route 5 by Saffron
 Track Review :-
This is a fast track with lots of turns with some that are much slower than the rest. Most of the track can be done a full speed but you will need to slow
for at least the U turn and the last set of turns before the last incline. The track is set at night and if you look at my videos they are much darker than
the actual track. Like most cities there are lots of signs and this track has its fair share. I looked at the GT game and the signs are the same in RV
and most of the track is very similar but there are numerous this around the track that are different. The GT game has a gap between the armco barrier
and the wall whereas RV the armco is on the wall. The gfx around the track is good if you can see past the signs with lots of lampposts as around
the trackmaking it look like the night racers in Formula1. Overall this is a very fast track and hard to get right but fun when you do.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Special Stage Route 5 Saffron Just like GT5 but in RV format !
2nd Clubman Stage Route 5 Saffron Shorter and just as fast.
3rd Mars (Z) Biometal/Spriggan Its Mars this time with a big dust storm.
4th Blocks Mini Grand Prix Allan1, Acclaim Very short figure of 8 track
5th Grand Prix (NO1) Allan1, Acclaim Still too short but fun
6th Grand Prix (TEST) Allan1, Acclaim Still too short but fun
7th Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 2 Xarc Good track that is fast and flowing
8th 2nd Museum WaskeR Issues with the AI and too long.
9th Klashers Trippple 8 Mace121 Slippy and bumpy with few straights
10th Tricky Racers 1 Sky69 & WaskeR Very Long with slippy surface
  Track Info    
Track Name Special Stage Route 5 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Saffron Time Trial Pic 0:43.681 minutes
Length 723m
Flow 82.33 %
Track Difficulty 1.45 %
Fast Lap Time 0:44.041 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 5:56.810 minutes
Archive Date 8-Feb-2019
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