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New Track : Supersonic RC Map by Reptillian and Reptorian
 Track Review :-
This is a race around the shelves of a store selling Lego sets. The racing is fast with lots of turns some easy some harder. There are several ramps
in the centre of the track which are very steep. The surface here is very bumpy as it is like the studs of lego bricks. The track is of a good length
 which produces laps from 44 seconds which is a good length. On the shelves there are lego sets for medium size cars and other vehicles. The surface
 apart from the areas with the studs is smooth and flat apart from the ramps. Around the track it looks like this track could easily be made into a large
 Tag level and the shelves and raised areas either have ramps around them, ramps or bridges between them. You could also easily make several other
 tracks as well. Overall, a good track that is fast and a little tricky.
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10th Supersonic RC Map Reptillian and Reptorian Fast race in a Lego Store
  Track Info    
Track Name Supersonic RC Map Timed Race Pic Below
Authors Reptillian and Reptorian Time Trial Pic 0:44.276 minutes
Length 650m
Flow 67.14 %
Track Difficulty 2.42 %
Fast Lap Time 0:44.576 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:04.170 minutes
Archive Date 24-Dec-2021
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