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New Track : Detached by Tubers
 Track Review :-
I am not sure what the theme of this track is but it is different. The track width is the same as lego parts with the colours being grey and black, the
 pickups still have the usual colours. One strange issue is that the weird heads are not visible when racing in the normal direction so you can only
 see these in the F6 view or by turning around. The racing is fast and tricky but some of the areas are based on lego type parts. The gfx around the
 track in minimal with the non-track areas being like the sides of hills. Overall, it`s a good track to race on, I think.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Horrormas 2 benderfan3124 Short, fast with lots of turns.
2nd Supersonic RC Map Reptillian and Reptorian Fast race in a Lego Store
3rd Hyperborean Harmony Zeino A race on snow and ice.
4th Game Room 2 Xarc A longer and harder version of the 1st VG !
5th Game Room 1 Xarc Verg track but a little easy
6th Tingin Inc. GP Zeino Fast and hard !
7th Miami Maniac Tubers Fast and well made track.
8th Cold-Cross Tubers Icey and good racing
9th Wildwood Grove Zeino A good racing track
10th Detached Tubers Ok track made with some lego parts
  Track Info    
Track Name Detached Timed Race Pic Below
Authors Tubers Time Trial Pic 0:32.829 minutes
Length 445m
Flow 58.71 %
Track Difficulty 1.74 %
Fast Lap Time 0:32.808 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 4:26.463 minutes
Archive Date 31-Oct-2021
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