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New Track : Beach Club by DragonLimoX
 Track Review :-
 This is a race around an inland beach area with sand and various pools. Most of the surface is sand but its not slippy with the rest being the usual
 tarmac surface. There are several jumps around the track with a couple you nee to not hit the end edges of the walls. There is a bevelled edge
 which can flip your car over. The jumps at the start and just after are too acute with the first being too close to a turn and the finish. The second is just
 too big and is just annoying. Most of then track is laid out well with fast and slow turns with some well-placed obstacles but the depression in the
 sand near the end is a bit variable and will mess up your lap easily. The gfx around the track is ok but looks like the track just needs a bit more
 finishing. Overall, its quite good to race on but for the 2 jumps near the start and the pit near the end.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest POD: ZED mrroblinx Good racing with a slippy start!
2nd Snow Cove Tryxn Merry Christomas !
3rd Beach Club DragonLimoX A nice day at the club.
4th Wasteland ChrisJohannsen and
Short and fast track. Start Pos change required!
5th Mountain Snow Globe ThePotatoHead and Tryxn Insige a snow globe on a table.
6th Market Mayhem BloodBTF Fast and fun. Very Good!
7th Rainbow Road of Simplicity 2 Tryxn Narrow and fast.
8th SBX Alpine Alex_int Just a good fast track!
9th Motor Sports Land Saffron Hard and fast track, a bit narrow!
10th The Great Silence Jan Ainnir Mayen Fast an fun track at night.
  Track Info    
Track Name Beach Club Timed Race Pic Below
Authors DragonLimoX Time Trial Pic 0:52.369 minutes
Length 769m
Flow 67.96 %
Track Difficulty 5.17 %
Fast Lap Time 0:52.383 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 7:18.007 minutes
Archive Date 26-Feb-2021
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