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New Track : POD: ZED by mrroblinx
 Track Review :-
 This is another conversion from the Pod racing game. The first part is very slippy so either drive slowly or as I did drive as fast as you can on the
 first part and the driver onto the right side for the last part. After this the track has a normal surface which takes you through tunnels and over bridges.
 Take car going over the bridges as the last jump you need to be in the middle and going very straight! There is a split near the start, but the alternate
 looks a bit slower and a bit more difficult. The rest of the track is easy as you just need to bounce of the walls when needed and drive as fast as
 you can. The gfx around the trach is fine as it has been taken from the original. Overall a decent track with a very tricky start.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest POD: ZED mrroblinx Good racing with a slippy start!
2nd Snow Cove Tryxn Merry Christomas !
3rd Beach Club DragonLimoX A nice day at the club.
4th Wasteland ChrisJohannsen and
Short and fast track. Start Pos change required!
5th Mountain Snow Globe ThePotatoHead and Tryxn Insige a snow globe on a table.
6th Market Mayhem BloodBTF Fast and fun. Very Good!
7th Rainbow Road of Simplicity 2 Tryxn Narrow and fast.
8th SBX Alpine Alex_int Just a good fast track!
9th Motor Sports Land Saffron Hard and fast track, a bit narrow!
10th The Great Silence Jan Ainnir Mayen Fast an fun track at night.
  Track Info    
Track Name POD: ZED Timed Race Pic Below
Authors mrroblinx Time Trial Pic 0:43.153 minutes
Length 582m
Flow 58.28 %
Track Difficulty 8.56 %
Fast Lap Time 0:43.072 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:10.382 minutes
Archive Date 14-Mar-2021
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