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New Track : Wasteland by ChrisJohannsen and
 Track Review :-
This is a race around a mountain in a figure of 8 around a mountain. The track is wide in most parts but in the start finish area it is very sandy so there
 is a lot less grip. Most of the track has good grip but after the jump / rope bridge the surface is a lot bumpier. This is not good for reliable racing as you
 can easily flip/crash dur to the sharp bumps. After this is the sandy area which is hard to steer on so just go straight. I noticed when doing the race
 times for this track that the first lap was always the fastest. After a bit on looking, I found that the normal direction start/finish line is the same as the
 reverse, so you start about 2 seconds down the track. I have put a corrected start pos on RVZ but here is it STARTPOS 10300, -410, 1800. Keep the
 reverse start pos the same as that is correct. I have not changed this in the zip file. Overall a decent track but the bumps on the second half are not good.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest POD: ZED mrroblinx Good racing with a slippy start!
2nd Snow Cove Tryxn Merry Christomas !
3rd Beach Club DragonLimoX A nice day at the club.
4th Wasteland ChrisJohannsen and
Short and fast track. Start Pos change required!
5th Mountain Snow Globe ThePotatoHead and Tryxn Insige a snow globe on a table.
6th Market Mayhem BloodBTF Fast and fun. Very Good!
7th Rainbow Road of Simplicity 2 Tryxn Narrow and fast.
8th SBX Alpine Alex_int Just a good fast track!
9th Motor Sports Land Saffron Hard and fast track, a bit narrow!
10th The Great Silence Jan Ainnir Mayen Fast an fun track at night.
  Track Info    
Track Name Wasteland Timed Race Pic Below
Authors ChrisJohannsen and
Time Trial Pic 0:21.787 minutes
Length 336m
Flow 71.15 %
Track Difficulty 5.97 %
Fast Lap Time 0:22.302 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 3:07.741 minutes
Archive Date 14-Feb-2021
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