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New Track : Golden Autumn 2 by Josh Scorpius
 Track Review :-
 This track is very similar to the first, but it is in the reverse direction and there are no alternate paths to choose.
 It is slightly longer and a bit more trickery as the tight turn is much harder to get right as you cannot see the apex.
Overall just as crazy as the first and lots of fun.

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4th Golden Autumn Josh Scorpius Short with lots of turns
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  Track Info    
Track Name Golden Autumn 2 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Josh Scorpius Time Trial Pic 0:16.001 minutes
Length 221m
Flow 60.98 %
Track Difficulty 3.41 %
Fast Lap Time 0:15.971 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 2:11.576 minutes
Archive Date 14-Oct-2018
Track Pics Youtube Videos
Download 01  02  03  04  05 Timed Race
Readme 06  07  08  09  10 Track View
Track Pic   16 Cars and Pickups
    Time Trial Lap