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New Track : Spooky-Volt by Xarc
 Track Review :-
 Its Halloween and you drive around the spookiest track yet. There are ghosts around every corner on this bumpy and slimy track
 where you can spin easily on the small bumps. The track is fast and flowing with lots to avoid and scare you. There are several
 alternate paths to try which makes it fun if you slide a little and must take the slower path. There is a short cut near the end but
 this is tricky as the ground is bumpy and slippy so you need to have a bit of luck too. The gfx around the track is good with lots
 of pumpkins and ghosts and a few skulls as well as the grave stone in the grave yard.
Over all a fast track that is fun as its never the same track twice.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Spooky-Volt Xarc A spooky track that is fast and fun.
2nd Golden City Circuit Josh Scorpius A long version of this track area
3rd Golden Autumn 2 Josh Scorpius Short with lots of turns
4th Golden Autumn Josh Scorpius Short with lots of turns
5th Curves and Caves Dave-o-rama Very hard and bumpy
6th Into the pit you shall go Mladen007 Fast with lots of corners.
7th Rainbow Road Floke901 Easy and fast, very coulorful
8th Rooftop Chase scloink and triple6s Modified pool section but still a very good track.
9th Sideways Sanctuary D Saffron Short fast, lots of turns. Very Hard.
10th Sideways Sanctuary C Saffron Short fast, lots of turns. Very Hard.
  Track Info    
Track Name Spooky-Volt Timed Race Pic Below
Author Xarc Time Trial Pic 0:20.909 minutes
Length 328m
Flow 75.90 %
Track Difficulty 3.1 %
Fast Lap Time 0:20.973 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 2:52.439 minutes
Archive Date 6-Oct-2018
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